This blog is a small corner in the chaotic internet space! It is for those romantic developers/readers who wants to read instead of watching a video in YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, vlogs are here to stay but not my thing and i believe there are other people out there that wants to read instead of watch.

The format of this blog will be a variety of things i do or i discover in my daily developer/tinkerer life with a sense of a tutorial/work through. You would expect content about Technology, software engineering, Home lab stuff, Hardware etc and even silly things that encounter everyday which after a bit of research i was able to overcome. Those might be those little things that we face everyday and we spent 30 minutes researching to figure out how to solve them. Can be anything and not tech related at all.

I used to have a blog and the content was tutorials in a more formal writing (If you like to know more about it please visit the blog’s story post) but this is long gone now (erased) and i think an informal approach is more friendly and funnier to read but also to write :smiley:.

I hope you enjoy my content and please don’t forget that you can always ask me to write about something that you want to see my approach to solve it. Send me a message either through email or on any social media. Don’t forget, also, to comment so we can all be better and provide better content on the blog with your contributions.

See you on my next post and happy reading.